Transport and logistic services

Modern logistics is not only a science, but also the art of seeing possibilities and using them competently. This is especially important in an express delivering service.

The complexity of transportation, especially in international shipping, requires a wide range of services which modern logistics companies must be able to provide.

On the level of how good these services are provided depends quickness of deliver and transportation costs.

Modern logistic is the process in which the logistic company acts as a third party in the transaction between the supplier and the buyer and provides a full range of cargo handling services.

One of the way to reduce the production costs of goods is the optimization flows of goods. This means choosing the routes that are most effective in tariffs and terms, with lowest level of customs and warehouse costs.

Companies providing logistics services should take into account high level requirements of safety and cost-effectiveness and transportation quickness. It is also necessary take into account the nature of the cargo, the direction and many other factors. That is why modern transport and logistics companies require the high level of professionalism.

Cooperation with German Logistic Service allows you to save on your own logistics division, allows you be flexible in delivering goods depending on your current requirements.

Primarily objective of German Logistic Service is to provide services in international express delivery.

German Logistic Service has its own sufficient infrastructure to provide express delivery services as well as transport and logistics services. German Logistic Service also has its own fleet of cars, warehouse spaces and cargo tracking program. Also German Logistic Service operates as central sorting station (CSS), where all necessary procedures can be quickly completed both in formation goods for dispatch as well as customs clearance procedures of the arrived cargoes.

All these factors give an explicit advantage - the benefit in the cost of services and the time of delivery of goods.

Transport-logistic services from German Logistic Service give our customers a number of additional opportunities such as:

German Logistic Service provides its customers with a whole range of logistics services that simplifies the transportation process. We will study and take into account all specifics and requirements of each our client and we undoubtedly find the most optimal options for transporting your cargoes and choose the most profitable one. We calculate transportation costs and deliver your cargoes exactly in time.