About us

German Logistic Service was created in 2017 on the basis of a pool of initiative persons who has a huge experience in transport and logistics services. The main desire was to offer on the market a completely new approach to solving key tasks in express freighting.

German Logistic Service provides a number of logistics services aimed at simplifying the whole process of transportation.

We take into account all requirements of each client and will seek the optimal transportation method and offer the most profitable one. We will also offer you a free calculation of the transportation costs and we surely deliver cargoes in time.

We guarantee safety for your cargoes and propose tracking service for your control from initial to the final point of destination of cargoes.

In a modern delivering service, the key role plays the correct choice of transport types and approach to routs composition.

We are able to find the most non-standard logistics solutions. An important element in delivering service is correct calculation of freight traffic by time and cost, taking into account all international norms. Our partners will find here solutions for the whole logistics chain, namely, from purchase to delivery to the final recipient. We guarantee sophisticated individual solutions and an ideally synchronized path.

Dispatching and tracking goods along the whole pathway today is a usual prerequisite for any modern logistics companies. German Logistic Service also has its own program for the formation, dispatching and tracking of cargos using the system. of statuses.

Our aim is to create express delivery service of new generation using the most advanced logistics solutions.

Our Values

To be the trustworthy partner is our main priority.

Quality, guarantee and reliability in resolving the most sophisticated demands of our customers and partners is primary task. Faultless fulfillment our duties is the main principle in our work. Professionalism and efficiency combined with the integrity of our team will serve to achieve our main goal - the trust of our customers.

Our Strategy

In fact - modern logistics is not purely delivery service. Today this is a sophisticated delivery service with the usage of the most optimal way including optimal routes, transport and methods of delivery with the lowest costs and high reliability.

Risk management based on adhere to the most modern standards is key elements for providing successful fulfillment in logistics in general and express delivery service in particular. As a professional partner in logistics services and express cargo services, we use exclusively this approach – risk management. There are no trifles in our work. All our actions are always aimed at optimizing the costs and time of our customers.

Today uninterrupted delivery is the basis and guarantee of effective business, therefore we provide a wide range of express freight services.

Activity of German Logistic Service is aimed primarily at ensuring the delivery in international express dispatches, which allows to improve delivering rate and as a consequence

provide mobility, flexibility and effectiveness of your businesses.